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If you type read [exemples/FRED.JLOGO] or READ [exemples/fred.jlogo] it won't work :
both jLogo and this server are case-sensitive...

Test your version of Java

To use Swing version, with an enhanced GUI, you need the Swing Library, generally provided with Java 1.1 and higher.
If you don't have Swing version, you have to use AWT version. You may also install a better VM, if available.
The following applet will show you what is your Java engine.

Oups... your browser doesn't support Java...

Test jLogo

Choose your version as your Java VM allows: I recommend the Swing version, if you have Java 1.2 and later.

Your browser will ask you to accept or refuse a security certificate: if you accept, you will be able to load into jLogo files from your computer. The applet will write nothing on your computer, nor transmit any information over Internet. If you refuse the certificate, jLogo will only be allowed to read files from this internet server and nothing from your computer.

Applets are sized for 800x600 screen
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