Applet on Windows XP Screenshot of the applet running under Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP. The program featured, called TIR, is made to train about orientation and distance with the turtle. jLogo version 2.2.0 Swing

On Windows Screenshot on Windows 98 of the European Flag jLogo version 2.0.8

On MacOS X Screenshot on MacOS X of a fonts demo
Notice the 'free' antialised text provided by MacOS X, even if my app is not (yet) using Java 2... jLogo version 2.0.8

Applet The applet in a web browser (OmniWeb, running on MacOS X). jLogo version 2.0.7

Sous Windows NT Screenshot on Windows NT 4 showing "drunkards". It's a group of turtles moving randomly, simulating the brownian movement of particles. See also section on fractales. jLogo version 2.0.8

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