jLogo is a Freeware: you can freely use and copy it. However, I don't release its property: you can't modify it and I am the only one to own its source code.
Tell me what you do with jLogo, it pleases me to know what my job is used for: emmanuel.guillot 'at' (don't forget to correct the mail adress in your email software).

Which version should you take?

jLogo exist for two version of Java's GUI: AWT et Swing. The first one is the oldest: it is made to work with Java 1.0.2, as provided by Microsoft for Windows or by Apple for MacOS Classic. For any other OS (Windows, MacOS X, Linux, BSD...), you can use the Swing version that I propose you. To test what is your installed Java, test the applet on this page.
To know which version you can chose, you can check it with the applet embedded on this page.
The archive you will download contains jLogo, ReadMe file and a French documentation.

Download QuickStart guide

The Quickstart Guide (currently only in French) is a PDF document to help you in discovering jLogo. This is a different document from the Reference Language Guide: online, pdf file.

To read PDF files: Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download jLogo

Choose your version :

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Software needed

To run jLogo, you need to have Java installed. It's libraries that allow to have the same version of a programm running on many different plateforms: computers with different exploitation systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux…), PDA (Palm, PocketPC) or since a few time even cell phones (Nokia).
Thanks to this page, you can check if you have Java installed on your computer and which version.
If you don't have it yet, here is where you can find it:

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paltonio has written on 2009-06-10 18:39:24 :

Content d'avoir une version de LOGO en Java, je pense de l'essayer comme applet dans une page web, pour le curiosité des enfants. Merci d'avance. j'ai connu LOGO avec Papert à l'Université de Campinas UNICAMP dans les annes 80, à l'époque je travaillait dans un projt de Traduction Automatique à Grenoble,FR (GETA-USMG)

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